.NET Full Stack

Full-stack .NET Programming is designed to build and manage various application stacks such as Front-end, Back-end, database, version control, server and APIs.

Last Update: 12/2020

Automated evaluation( More than 800 Assignments )

Live mentor support ( 10 AM to 8 PM - Monday to Saturday )


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Course Content

Course Duration: 10a.m. - 8p.m.

  • Microsoft SQL Course.
  • C#.
  • Asp.Net Introduction.
  • Asp.Net Controls.
  • ADO.NET Introduction.
  • Data Controls in Asp.Net & Basics.
  • Session Management.
  • Navigation Controls.
  • Security.
  • Web Service.



Free trial is available only for a limited period of time

Student Review


I am Mithrasingh, I came to know about KlassAkt training and enrolled for Dotnet Fullstack programming through which I got a very good learning experience. Before training I don't know much about .net, during the training I gained more technical knowledge.
For any technical doubt the remote mentors supported me to clarify all my queries and solve the programming exercises.
With this great learning experience I was able to clear technical interview very confidently and now I am working as an developer in IT firm.


I have completed B.E.Civil engineering in 2016 from National Engineering College. I have joined KlassAkt training for Full stack Donet programming which comes with lots of handson and videos that clearly explains with examples.
This helped me to learn from basics and to understand the concepts in depth irrespective of my background. This training comes with lots of exercises that helped me to work on the concepts that I have learnt from the videos.
Trainers were very patient while clarifying the doubts and even explained the concepts many times for me to understand and I was provided with the technical support for 6 days a week which plays a major role during my training.
Unlike other platforms this helped me to improve my technical skills a lot since I'm a new to software and gave the clear cut idea of the programming. This program comes with examples for each and every single topic in SQL, C# and ASP.Net that has around 1000 exercises for us to solve. And now I'm working as a software programmer in a corporate since 2020. So I find this program to be more useful to enlighten my IT career.

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